Get unprecedented awareness of how your company and key competitors connect with the wider web, and increase your organic and referral traffic.

Oxzeon employs sophisticated analytics, AI, and intuitive graph visualization to deliver tactical competitor intelligence and actionable insights.

A graph visualisation of a web ecosystem

Key insights

Actionable insights you'll get from an Oxzeon report:

  • Domains to consider disavowing
  • Domains to consider targeting for high quality backlinks
  • Competitors' web footprints and relationships
  • Prioritization data for a faster backlinks building strategy
  • Where to focus marketing and business development

Reveal cliques around your competitors and key domains:

  • See how competitors are partnering online
  • Detect potential commercial relationships
  • Identify clusters of high and low quality referring domains
  • Explore cliques with a dedicated interactive visualization
A graph visualisation of a web ecosystem

Sample report

To understand the real power of an Oxzeon report, contact us for a demo login.

The details

Mapping up to 40,000 domains per report, Oxzeon charts the web ecosystem for your domain and up to 3 competitors.

  • Explore interactive visualizations for further insights
  • See referring domain overlaps and links relationships
  • Highlight significant domains using a selection of metrics
  • View AI-powered meta-data comparisons
  • Use graph analytics to reveal significant domains
  • See quality metrics and ranking data for each domain
  • Download data tables as an MS Excel file
  • Full online documentation
A graph visualisation of a web ecosystem