Map, not territory

The maps we build use your pre-existing data about digital communication and collaboration. However, we know your employees connect in other ways: at the coffee machine, over the partition, in the hallways. Our maps provide a great starting point, but we never mistake them for the complete picture.

Insights are collaborative

Insights from data can point us in the right direction, but it's your contextual knowledge that turns a pattern into something truly meaningful. After our initial mapping has identified patterns of interest, we work with you to ensure the final analysis is driven by both data and a real understanding of your organisation.

Strategy defines success

Few patterns we encounter are objectively good or bad. We work hard to understand your business objectives, and how you envisage your people connecting to deliver your strategy. It's in this context that we work with you to evaluate the findings and, if appropriate, develop a picture of what 'better' might look like.