1. Planning

  • We work to understand the business issue, and relevant organisational and cultural factors
  • We agree an initial data and analysis plan
  • We work with your DPO and IT team to ensure compliance and minimise data collection

2. Data collection

  • We provide your IT team with tools that automate collection of requisite data
  • Our tools are provided in open format, so your IT team can assess them easily
  • In most cases, the data already exists; after extraction, it is shared in a secure manner

3. Analysis

  • We present draft maps and metrics, with observations, hypotheses, and questions
  • Drawing on your experience, we work with you to address anomalies and observations
  • We may suggest additional research (e.g., interviews) to enhance the final report

4. Report and recommendations

  • We present final agreed maps, metrics, and findings
  • We suggest how the measures may change as your business objectives are achieved
  • If appropriate, we suggest future measurements for quantifying progress